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{az}devs is a community created by and for local developers as a place to connect, communicate, and collaborate. This community aims to be a great place to chat and get help or advice, for those of us who attend every possible meetup, those who can't attend any, and everyone in between.

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About Us

we are {az}devs

Many local developers don't have time to attend meetups, simply can't go as often as they'd like to, or live too far away from ones they would like to attend. For these reasons, we created this community so more developers can network with each other. This community is less formal than the various Meetup groups, and we don't (yet) have any regular meetings. It's more just a place to gather and chat, collaborate, get help, offer help, advice, network, etc. Join us and meet more devs!

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Phoenix JavaScript

Phoenix JavaScript hosts monthly events that allows members to network and hear technology presentations. Meetings are generally held on Wednesdays and we usually have stuff from sponsors to provide to members such as pizza and a t-shirt drawing. Membership is free, I only ask that you use Meetup's RSVP system to let us know you're coming. Our goal is to provide a regular event that allows our community to come together and learn from each other. We will always try to appeal to both experienced and inexperienced developers.

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Phoenix developer group for full stack JavaScript using Node.js, browsers, and embedded tech. Real-time web, websockets, react, vue and much more. 7PM 4th Monday at HeatSync Labs

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Developer meetup group for all things Angular.

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Phoenix ReactJS

Phoenix javascript developers coding with ReactJS

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The Phoenix Ruby User group is a monthly meeting for Ruby enthusiasts in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Each month we try to have one or more presentations on current Ruby development. We're always looking for people to give a talk; it needn't be fancy or formal. If you're working on something cool, or learned something new, come show it off. The Phoenix Ruby User Group aims to grow and support a unified valley-wide community of Rubyists with community education, technological innovation, and outreach. The group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

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Run a Meetup? Don't see it listed? Fork us and add it!